About Us

aaronBrooker & Co.
is a commercial and industrial real estate agency and is owned and operated by Aaron Brooker as the licensee and director. Aaron has worked in the property industry in Sydney, Australia and in London, United Kingdom. Aaron felt it was essential to approach the professional service industry of real estate with a fresh, enthusiastic and modern approach whilst continuing to implement his traditional genuine hard-working work ethic.

lauren1At Brooker & Co. we completely understand the fact that a property is often one of the largest decisions and commitments that someone will have to make in their lives. We understand that behind every property there is a person, and that person has a story. It is our aim to work with our vendors and landlords every step of the way in order to create a positive experience when utilising the services of Brooker & Co.

Being that real estate is a professional service based industry, Brooker & Co. aim to be positively different to other commercial and industrial real estate agencies in the fact that we purely and simply pride ourselves on knowing we deliver excellent, honest and genuine service in all aspect of our business.