Property Management

In being positively different, Brooker & Co. have set out with a goal in mind that we are to be streamline, innovative and integrated in the professional services in which we offer our clients. Brooker & Co. have heavily invested in software that enhances our professional services in which we offer our clients. This is evident and highlighted in our approach to our property management protocols and procedures.


In being streamline, innovative and integrated, we ultimately will provide our clients with bespoke, innovative solutions that will optimise and protect your investment property, minimise operating costs, reduce risk and therefore maximise tenant retention.

Several property management benefits:

  • High quality tenants
  • Reduce risk
  • Tenant retention
  • Shorter vacancy periods
  • Up-to-date legislative knowledge
  • Periodic property inspections
  • Strict rental protocol and procedures
  • Reduce stress to the landlord
  • Free up time for the landlord